Options 4 Change Pathway Manual is a structured programme to tackle and overcome issues that children and young people face around peer pressure, self-esteem and negative stereotypes.


It is a resource to be accessed by children and young people in need of guidance to help build pathways into meaningful engagement in terms of social and academic development. 


This manual outlines five key pathways for the individual child and young person to follow: positive relationships; a strong personal identity; engagement with the community; and good physical and mental health.  Each pathway is a building block for developing positive and resilient life attitudes that enhance well-being.  Taken together the pathways are designed to enable children and young people to stand up to the negative risks and challenges that face them in society.


This manual is for parents and practitioners as well as children and young people. Parents should take responsibility to work with their children in building up the five positive pathways outlined.  Doing so will build up resilience in our young people and help break cycles of dysfunction, raise academic achievement and social aspiration, and prevent pathways that lead to negative and destructive life choices.


The journey that young people and children face today in growing up is full of obstacles and challenges that are often difficult to navigate and overcome; I hope this manual will help in realising the full potential of those setting out on life’s journey.

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